The Sick Turn To Crowd Funding To Pay Medical Bills

The Sick Turn To Crowd Funding To Pay Medical Bills
Eliza Barclay,

Sure­ly you’ve heard of crowd fund­ing sites like Kick­starter that have helped thou­sands of film­mak­ers, musi­cians and painters lever­age Face­book and Twit­ter to raise money for cre­ative projects.

But crowd fund­ing isn’t just for hip­ste…

Covestor: Crowdsourcing Investment Management

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Covestor Investment Management.

Black Coral Capital: Private Equity Fund Investing in CleanTech Space

English: Diagram of private equity co-investme...
English: Diagram of private equity co-investment structure for Equity co-investment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Black Coral Capital logo
Black Coral Capital logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Another link from Jay. Black Coral Capital is a fund investing in the alternative energy / cleantech space. The fund can invest in a wide variety of cleantech arenas, both directly and through funds. Black Coral was formed in late 2008 and is presently building out its presence in North America.

Black Coral Capital – Private Equity Fund.