The rise of pre-commerce and the sharing economy

The Rise of Pre-Commerce

The sharing economy and crowdfunding have fundamentally altered the way we develop products.

Busi­ness is social. At its core is a seem­ing­ly end­less series of social interactions—not just inter­nal rela­tion­ships, but exter­nal ones as well…

The Rise of Pre-Commerce

The Sick Turn To Crowd Funding To Pay Medical Bills

The Sick Turn To Crowd Funding To Pay Medical Bills
Eliza Barclay,

Sure­ly you’ve heard of crowd fund­ing sites like Kick­starter that have helped thou­sands of film­mak­ers, musi­cians and painters lever­age Face­book and Twit­ter to raise money for cre­ative projects.

But crowd fund­ing isn’t just for hip­ste…