Don’t eat Fukushima fish

Fish Near Fukushima Reportedly Contains High Cesium Level

TOKYO (AP) — The Japan­ese util­i­ty that owns the tsunami-damaged nuclear power plant says it has detect­ed a record 740,000 bec­querels per kilo­gram of radioac­tive cesium in a fish caught close to the plant.

That’s 7,400 times the gov­ern­me…

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Health problems of victims of Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear plant take years to appear

Chernobyl radiation map from CIA handbook, svg...
Chernobyl radiation map from CIA handbook, svg’d by User:Sting, and re-anglified by me (to the same strange names used in the original). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Popular movies like the new Chernobyl film point to a disturbing trend: Many of the residents of radiation exposure such as Chernobyl and Fukushima experience long term health problems such as thyroid disease, heart disease, heart valve/vascular disease that take decades to appear leaving them disabled and requiring disability benefits but with little sources of support.

For Japan, Chernobyl may hint at future –