Visualizing the wealth of America by zip code

Mapping The Wealth Of U.S. ZIP Codes Shows The Haves Hiding From The Have-Nots

This interactive graphic, which lets you see the economic stats for every ZIP code in the country, shows the emergence of “Super ZIPs”—communities where nearly everyone is wealthy.

The Har­vard philoso­pher Michael Sandel calls it the…

The Personal Analytics of My Life

The Personal Analytics of My Life

One day I’m sure every­one will rou­tine­ly col­lect all sorts of data about them­selves. But because I’ve been inter­est­ed in data for a very long time, I start­ed doing this long ago. I actu­al­ly assumed lots of other peo­ple were doing it too…

Mzinga, Inc. | The Leader In Social Software & Analytics Solutions

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Mzinga, Inc. | The Leader In Social Software & Analytics Solutions.

another web 2.0 instant social networking market research tool

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How Text Analytics Drive Customer Insight: a case from a Jet Blue disaster

Good article on ways that companies such as JetBlue can use text analytics to analyze thousands of emails for business intelligence

How Text Analytics Drive Customer Insight – Business_intelligence – Analytics – Informationweek.

The data deluge

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via Interesting article in the Economist that describes a new kind of scientist, the data scientist, who can monitor human behavior at the population level thru their “data exhaust” using business intelligence technologies. Unusual correlations between for example the likelihood of catching a flight and those people who ordered vegetarian meals are now found. LIkewise data visualization is emerging as a creative field merging design, storytelling and science and developed by companies such as IBM using emerging tools such as Swivel.

Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit

Hype Cycle for Emerging Tech, 2010
Hype Cycle for Emerging Tech, 2010 (Photo credit: John “Pathfinder” Lester)


This rather exciting conference coming up in March covers the frontiers of digital business, enterprise 2.0, cloud computing, collective intelligence and other stimulating subjects.


Many Eyes: IBM gets visual


A nice visualization tool, online from IBM as part of their Cognos unit, that taps Census and other data. However presented in a bit of a clunky UI…

Many Eyes : Browsing visualizations.