Wifi laptops exposure and reproductive health

English: Electron microscope image of sperm.
English: Electron microscope image of sperm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For years, other countries have been far more cautious about the impacts of electromagnetic radiation on human health than in the US and far too little is known about this as we increasingly expose ourselves to these fields. In parts of Europe for example there are much stricter regulations on exposure to EMFs than in the US. Recently new research shows an additional area of potential concern: Wifi signal and a laptop can damage sperm performance including causing a decrease in human sperm motility, sperm DNA fragmentation (irreversible changes in the genetic code), damaging up to 25% of the sperm. As a result, while we may need many technologies to work, we should be careful to limit my exposure through certain measures. Personally I am cautious to ensure adequate distance between electric sources since EMFs decrease significantly with distance.

Wi-Fi Laptops Harm Sperm Motility And Increase Sperm DNA Fragmentation.

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