Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: fact or fiction?

Loop moving in magnetic field
Loop moving in magnetic field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I’ve become aware of more and more concern about the electromagnetic soup we are embedded in from all of our various gadgets. While Europe has taken a much more cautious approach on this, the USA as always, has let free enterprise rule. Here is a fairly balanced Wiki article on this topic. Needless to say, I am now taking precautions to minimize my exposure but still maintain my connections which I require for business.

WikiMatrix – Compare them all

Wikimedia Servers
Wikimedia Servers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WikiMatrix – Compare them all.

My friend Peter Dorfman told me about this site which compares all the Wiki platforms.

Wikidot – Free and Pro Wiki Hosting

Image representing Wikidot as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

Wikidot – Free and Pro Wiki Hosting.

Best hosted wiki collaboration tool in rule the web

PBworks | Online Team Collaboration

Image representing PBworks as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

PBworks | Online Team Collaboration.

Best free hosted wiki according to Rule the Web. user for Calendar, workgroups.