Surprise! Walmart’s unlimited iPhone 5 data plan not so unlimited

walmart beijing
walmart beijing (Photo credit: galaygobi)

Jacqui Cheng,

When Walmart announced earlier this month that it would begin selling the iPhone 5 with a surprisingly affordable $45-per-month, unlimited everything plan, there was much rejoicing. After all, you could never get away with paying that little per…

Surprise! Walmart’s unlimited iPhone 5 data plan not so unlimited

iPhone 5 coming to Walmart

iPhone 5 coming to Walmart’s Straight Talk prepaid plans January 11th
Brad Molen,

Cus­tomers have been able to enjoy the iPhone expe­ri­ence on Wal­mart’s Straight Talk “BYOD” phone plans for quite some time now, but the pre­paid provider will begin direct­ly sell­ing the iPhone 5 — as well as the iPhone 4 — on Jan­u­ary 11th…

Understanding culture: why Walmart has struggled in China

Sea Bass With Barbie Dolls Challenge Wal-Mart in China
By Bloomberg News -,


Shelves stacked to the ceil­ing with low-price hot sauce, Bar­bie dolls, and noo­dles stand near tanks where shop­pers can fish out live sea bass for din­ner. Wel­come to RT-Mart, China’s ver­sion of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT)

From Shang­…

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Avoiding mega hospital charges with retail clinics

For Simple Care, Retail Clinics Are A Popular Choice
Scott Hensley,

If you’ve got the snif­fles or need a shot, do you go to the doc­tor or stop in at a clin­ic in a near­by drug­store?

Lots of peo­ple are opt­ing for the clin­ics, which are spring­ing up inside gro­cery stores, big-box retail­ers and chain…