Urban outfitters and brands using sweatshop labor

Urban Outfitters Among Fashion Brands Using L.A. “Sweatshop” Labor, Say Feds

Looks like For­ev­er 21 isn’t the only appar­el label on the hook for pro­mot­ing sweatshop-like con­di­tions in down­town Los Ange­les. Fed­er­al and state labor author­i­ties announced on Thurs­day the dis­cov­ery of “wide­spread” labor…

RT @inhabitat: Love to shop at Urban Outfitters, Free People, or Anthropologie? We’ve got some bad news for you http://flip.it/m626b http://flip.it/uG2hG

Netatmo Urban Weather Station

ios apps
ios apps (Photo credit: osde8info)

Netatmo Urban Weather Station tells iOS users when it’s safe to brave the great outdoors (video)

Jon Fingas, engadget.com

We haven’t seen weath­er sta­tions gar­ner the same level of clever mobile inte­gra­tion as other pieces of house­hold gear — like, say, ther­mostats. Netat­mo wants its newly avail­able Urban Weath­er Sta­tion to inject a sim­i­lar dose of life…


Urban poultry farms ruffle some feathers

Wilmington's urban farm
Wilmington’s urban farm (Photo credit: tcd123usa)

Urban poultry farms ruffle some feathers – The Boston Globe.