Mygola startup improves travel planning

Mygola could (at last) be the startup to make your travel planning dreams come true
Rebecca Grant,

Tick­ets On Sale Now

We wait all year to take a vaca­tion and jet off some­place exot­ic for a week or two of glo­ri­ous relax­ation and adven­ture.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly the process of plan­ning a trip sucks.

Trav­el start­up Mygo­la has raised…

Why Some of the World’s Most Productive People Have Empty Schedules

Why Some of the World’s Most Productive People Have Empty Schedules.

Why now is the best time to travel the world

Five Reasons Why There’s Never Been a Better Time Than Now to Travel the World.
Matthew Scott,

If read­ing about the glo­ri­ous expe­di­tions of yes­ter­year such as the famous Oxford and Cam­bridge Far East­ern Expe­di­tion has you yearn­ing for a seri­ous over­land trip, don’t worry, it’s act …

Gadgets for road trips

Everything You Need to Prepare for a Long Road Trip
Yaara Lancet,

I love road trips. Just saying or writing the words sends shivers of excitement down my spine. If you think I’m crazy, it’s probably because you grew up in a country where road trips are taken for granted, and the number of places you can drive to…

5 Affordable Round the World Routes

World Airline Routes
World Airline Routes (Photo credit: josullivan.59)


Too many round the world travel dreamers give up on traveling the world before they even begin, and many of them do it because of costs. We’re here to give tips on how to best use Indie and highlight 5 affordable trips to make your dream more of a…

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5 Affordable Round the World Routes

How to never get lost again: apps for travel

Road Tripping In The Digital Age
Ryan Lawler,

I’m just wrap­ping up a week-long road trip, in which a trav­el com­pan­ion and I vis­it­ed some friends in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia. We hit up a few dif­fer­ent spots along the way, includ­ing San Luis Obis­po, Santa Bar­bara, Los Ange­les, San…

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Check out Home Exchange to stay with the locals when traveling

English: The en:Skinny House in the North End ...
English: The en:Skinny House in the North End of Boston is an extremely narrow four-story spite house reported by the Boston Globe as having the “uncontested distinction of being the narrowest house in Boston”. Source: March 2008 photo by John Stephen Dwyer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This got great reviews in the Boston Globe. Save on hotels and rentals while traveling and  see the world from an anthro perspective.