Americans have closets full of unused clothes

Average Woman Owns 22 Garments She Never Wears But Refuses to Junk

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A wardrobe full of clothes but noth­ing to wear? You’re in good com­pa­ny. The aver­age British woman has 22 unworn items in her clos­et that she refus­es to throw or give away, accord­ …

Sony RX 100: less filling, tastes great

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Nissan Basecamp trailer

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Mercedes Rolls Out the Future of the SUV

Norwegian military MB240GD
Norwegian military MB240GD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Damon Lavrinc,

LOS ANGE­LES, Cal­i­for­nia – Geländewagen. It’s not an Aus­tri­an insult or some obscure epi­thet from the East­ern Bloc; it’s Mercedes-Benz’ icon­ic SUV. Orig­i­nal­ly craft­ed with a ruler and a chis­el for mil­i­tary use, it even­tu­al­ly went…

Mercedes Rolls Out the Future of the SUV

The Subaru personality

The Subaru personality – 1971 Leone (2) – FORTUNE.

Subaru Leone
Subaru Leone (Photo credit: Hugo90)

Italians now buy more bikes than cars

The Decline of the Car? Part 1: Italians Now Buying More Bicycles Than Automobiles

Sur­pris­ing news: Italy, home of the mighty Fer­rari and the sprawl­ing Fiat empire, is now a coun­try where peo­ple are buy­ing more bicy­cles than cars. The num­bers are a lit­tle too round (and close) not to take with a grain of salt, but…