Eye Candy: Humans Are Awesome’s Tribute Video to GoPro

Eye Candy: Humans Are Awesome’s Tribute Video to GoPro – Core77.

Sony waterproof Actioncam

Sony announces new waterproof Handycam
Ben Coxworth, gizmag.com

Sony’s new everything-proof Actioncam is definitely a worthy opponent to the likes of the GoPro HERO, although sometimes people just want a user-friendly video camera that can go in the water. Well, that’s where the Sony Handycam HDR-GW66VE comes…

Sony announces new waterproof Handycam http://flip.it/6ki0X http://flip.it/crE4v

MeCam: a GoPro for non athletes?

The MeCam: A GoPro for Non-Athletes?

GoPro-captured footage is awesome, allowing us non-extreme-athletes to witness POV footage from amazing perspectives we’d likely never otherwise see. It allows the recording athlete to document a thrilling act that they’ve accomplished, and share …


Hitcase and ChestR Mount let the iPhone see some action

Hitcase and ChestR Mount let the iPhone see some action
Ben Coxworth, gizmag.com

With rugged, mount-equipped iPhone cases such as the Optrix XD, it’s now possible to use your phone as an actioncam. Most of these cases, however, aren’t designed to be mounted on the user’s chest – a viewpoint that often offers some of the best…

Hitcase and ChestR Mount let the iPhone see some action http://flip.it/pHly1 http://flip.it/IOWsb

Go pro 4 is best action cam

The Best Action Camera
Brent Rose and Michael Hession, gizmodo.com

It wasn’t so long ago that we rounded up the best action cameras and put them to the test. Just half a year later, and the biggies all have new versions out. They’re all better, but there’s only one best. Round Two: Fight!Testing MethodologyAs you…

The Best Action Camera http://flip.it/JwKUb http://flip.it/7WHzd

GoPro camera used for stratospheric imaging

GoPro Camera Records Sky Divers and Surfers
By NICK BILTON, nytimes.com

There have been two major mile­stones in nar­cis­sis­tic pho­tog­ra­phy in the last cen­tu­ry. The first was the inven­tion of the self-timer, which Kodak began sell­ing dur­ing World War I. The sec­ond came a few years ago, as teenagers stood at…

RT @nytimesbits: Disruptions: A Tiny Camera for the Stratosphere http://flip.it/532aX http://flip.it/ZHsX0