An egg that monitors air quality goes online

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How the Cloud Changes Software Consulting


Software consulting is a multibillion-dollar business, and the means by which most enterprise software actually ends up in business. Consultants figure out what companies need, install it, customize it, and train workers on it. As more software is…

How the Cloud Changes Software Consulting

Knowledge Jolt with Jack

Knowledge Jolt with Jack.

This guys has been at it for years, trying to get companies to embrace KM and has assembled a great collection of articles.

Knowledge Management Cafe
Knowledge Management Cafe (Photo credit: Emilie Ogez)

David Allen, Getting Things Done® and GTD®


Cover of "Getting Things Done: The Art of...
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David Allen, Getting Things Done® and GTD®.


this approach to time management focuses on organizing things by the context in which you do them, like you have done with the house: kitchen, office, recreation etc.




Data mining dating

An example of one of True's online ads.
An example of one of True’s online ads. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


An interesting article that notes that 22% of heterosexuals in one recent study met online and the findings of recent data mining analysis of online dating sites which is surpassing other social science methods in identifying patterns in behavior such as male and female preferences for mates. However what is notably missing is any information on cultural or environmental factors in these findings.

Heartbeat software: life science document management solutions

Heartbeat Experts.

I’m looking for the best slide and content/document management system for pharma. According to KM for Med affairs CBI conference this is one of the best. Also, Cadient group, Exploria, Open Q, Skila, look good.

Knowledge Center | New Hope 360

English: Experimental metodology in chemistry ...
English: Experimental metodology in chemistry of natural products (russian) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Knowledge Center | New Hope 360 – content about Knowledge Center.