We’ve reached peak car and the end of the commute

‘Peak Car’ and the Beginning of the End of the Commute

A growing number of urban planners and transportation experts believe that the developed world’s car traffic will decline

Tech companies visualize government shut down

Tech companies produce fascinating data on the government shutdown
Christina Farr, venturebeat.com

Tick­ets On Sale Now

Tech star­tups have taken advan­tage of the data sci­en­tists and engi­neers on their staff to pro­duce some inter­est­ing stud­ies on the impact of the gov­ern­ment shut­down.

On its blog, fancy car-sharing ser­vice Uber…


Share-brained idea: Adventures in car sharing

Share-brained idea: Adventures in car sharing, part 1 | Grist.

Car-sharing: Wheels when you need them

English: Logo of the momo Car-Sharing project
English: Logo of the momo Car-Sharing project (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Car-sharing: Wheels when you need them | The Economist