Pivot head video eyewear

(via Pivothead review: video recording eyewear for (reasonably) discreet POV clips)

How worms can make money off of airport waste

1.9 Million Worms Chomp Down Airport Waste in North Carolina | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Jill Fehrenbacher HOW TO: Green Your Christmas Tree TweetShare on TumblrEmail Christmas trees are one of the most enjoyable traditions of the holiday season, and there are lots of easy ways to go green with your Christmas tree: from using living potted Christmas trees, to recycled cardboard trees, to buying LED Xmas lights. After weighing the choices every December for years, and going […] READ MORE >, inhabitat.com

The Char­lotte Dou­glas Inter­na­tion­al Air­port in North Car­oli­na has deployed 1.9 mil­lion worms to turn a boat­load of organ­ic waste into fer­til­iz­er. Every day the air­port house­keep­ing depart­ment head­ed by Bob Lucas process­es 2.5 t…

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