White House spends millions to train more data scientists

White House To Universities: We Need More Data Scientists
BY NEAL UNGERLEIDER, fastcompany.com

New York University, University of California-Berkeley, and the University of Washington are launching a $37.8 million project to boost the numbers of American data scientists.

It’s offi­cial: Amer­i­ca needs more data sci­en­tists. This week, a…


Open government movement

government movement
by Dennis O’Reilly, cnet.com

In his first term, President Obama started to make good on his pledge to improve government transparency. But a truly open government depends on citizens actively ensuring that all public agencies share information and respond to feedback.



Shootings stimulate mass online petitions for gun control

25,000 People (And Counting) Flood White House With Online Petition To ‘Immediately Address’ Gun Control
Gregory Ferenstein, techcrunch.com

Update: The peti­tion has reached 25,000 sig­na­tures

Almost imme­di­ate­ly fol­low­ing the trag­ic school shoot­ing in Con­necti­cut, over 16,000 peo­ple have signed an offi­cial White House WeTheP­eo­ple peti­tion to “Imme­di­ate­ly…

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A taxonomy of Mitt’s fabrications

A taxonomy of Mitt Romney’s lies – Salon.com
By Benjamin Wheelock, salon.com

A close look at the most diverse and resilient species this side of the Galapagos

“Jeep — now owned by the Ital­ians — is think­ing of mov­ing all pro­duc­tion to China.”

“The pres­i­dent said he’d cut the deficit in half. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, he…

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How information science empowered Obama’s reelection

When the Nerds Go Marching In
James Fallows, theatlantic.com

How a dream team of engineers from Facebook, Twitter, and Google built the software that drove Barack Obama’s reelection

The Obama cam­paign’s tech­nol­o­gists were tense and tired. It was game day and every­thing was going wrong.

Josh Thay­er…

When the Nerds Go Marching In – Alexis C. Madrigal – The Atlantic http://flip.it/Msvvi http://flip.it/KjEIC

Obama victory and tech industry

What Obama’s Victory Means for Tech
Brian Barrett, gizmodo.com

Barack Obama’s vic­to­ry last night has far-reaching fis­cal, social, and mil­i­tary impli­ca­tions, all of which are famil­iar to any­one who kept at least one eye open dur­ing any of this year’s debates. But what do four more years mean for tech…

What Obama’s Victory Means for Tech http://flpbd.it/R2n2u

Obama tech crippled Romney campaign

How Team Obama’s tech efficiency left Romney IT in dust
Sean Gallagher, arstechnica.com

Despite run­ning a cam­paign with about twice the money and twice the staff of Gov­er­nor Mitt Rom­ney’s pres­i­den­tial bid, Pres­i­dent Barack Obama’s cam­paign under-spent Rom­ney’s on IT prod­ucts and ser­vices by $14.5 mil­lion, putting the…

Behavioral Scientists Advised Obama Campaign


‘Dream Team’ of Behavioral Scientists Advised Obama Campaign –


While getting out the vote for the Warren campaign, we applied some of the same behavioral/social science research described in this article.

Mitt Romney Facebook page loses fans

(via Mitt Romney’s Facebook page is losing fans by the minute.)

Obama data geeks

Obama’s data geeks add up to four more years
John Naughton, guardian.co.uk

Mastery of the numbers game meant the president’s team was able to exploit its database more effectively than Romney, reeling in £1bn in donations

Some years ago I went to a lecture given by Professor David MacKay, who in addition to being a…


Linguistic analysis decodes true messages of Obama and Romney

Gesture analysis reveals what Obama and Romney care about
By Liat Clark, wired.co.uk


An analy­sis of the body ges­tures of Barack Obama and Mitt Rom­ney dur­ing the pres­i­den­tial debates sug­gests that how can­di­dates speak could reveal what they real­ly care about and affect whether or not vot­ers believe what they…


Knode attempts to compete with LinkedIn in biotech networking

Knode: The Next Stage of the Internet is About What You Know
Alex E. Weaver, bostinno.com

Pre­dict­ing what’s “next” for the Inter­net can be a lot like surf­ing the web itself: daunt­ing, frus­trat­ing and often point­less. There’s a lot of infor­ma­tion swirling around out there, after all, and peo­ple are inter­act­ing with it in…