Eataly: Olympus of Italian slow food

The victory gardens at Slow Food Nation
The victory gardens at Slow Food Nation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eataly is an Italian food lover’s paradise. Think IKEA crossed with Whole Foods — on three levels with nine eating areas — featuring Italian and Piemontese foods, beverages, and kitchen-related products. Open since 2007, Eataly is aligned with the Slow Food movement, a nonprofit organization founded in the 1980s that has more than 100,000 members in 132 countries. Started in response to a bid by McDonald’s to open a fast-food franchise near the Spanish Steps in Rome, Slow Food aims to preserve and promote local and traditional food products, small-scale and organic farming, and generally extols the virtues of good-tasting, minimally processed foods.

Olympus of Italian slow food boggles the mind –