Washington, Massachusetts Top TechNet State Broadband Rankings

Washington, Massachusetts Top TechNet State Broadband Rankings
John Murrell, allthingsd.com

If the local broad­band cli­mate is a major fac­tor in decid­ing where in the U.S. to set­tle your fam­i­ly or busi­ness, Tech­Net has some guid­ance to offer.

The tech­nol­o­gy advo­ca­cy group sur­veyed the states to com­pare indi­ca­tors on…


How to never get lost again: apps for travel

Road Tripping In The Digital Age
Ryan Lawler, techcrunch.com

I’m just wrap­ping up a week-long road trip, in which a trav­el com­pan­ion and I vis­it­ed some friends in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia. We hit up a few dif­fer­ent spots along the way, includ­ing San Luis Obis­po, Santa Bar­bara, Los Ange­les, San…

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Americans have too much stuff

UCLA Researchers Find American Families Have Too Much Stuff and Too Little Time

Fam­i­lies drown­ing in too much stuff is the focus of a new book, Life at Home in the Twenty-First Cen­tu­ry: 32 Fam­i­lies Open Their Doors, by researchers at UCLA’s Cen­ter on Every­day Lives of Fam­i­lies (CELF). To get infor­ma­tion fo…

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Anthropologists studying stuff

New York start-ups’ own flavour


How New York’s new tech firms differ from Silicon Valley rivals

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New York start-ups’ own flavour

Silicon Valley, meet Genome Valley







Maggie Koerth-Baker, boingboing.net

More than 100 bio­med­ical and life sci­ence com­pa­nies are clus­tered in Genome Val­ley, a research park in Hyder­abad, India. (Via Joanne Man­aster)

Silicon Valley, meet Genome Valley

Gatorade contains flame retardant according to petition

Petition Claims Ingredient In Gatorade Is A Flame Retardant, Unsafe For Consumption
Mary Beth Quirk, consumerist.com

(Clean Wal-Mart)Gatorade is under fire from a new consumer petition claiming that the company’s beverage contains an unhealthy ingredient, brominated vegetable oil (or BVO), that was developed as a flame retardant. Opponents of the emulsifier, whi…

Visualizing who spends what on political campaigns

A Visualization Of The Most Invisible, And Influential, Part Of Political Campaigns
By Emily Elert, popsci.com

An animation by Northeastern University’s LazerLab shows what’s being donated, and where.

When I hear the phrase “polit­i­cal action,” I think of pub­lic demon­stra­tions. But the most influ­en­tial form of polit­i­cal action has noth­ing to do…