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Crows really hate unfairness

New Study Says Unfairness Really Ruffles Crows’ Feathers
By Francie Diep, popsci.com

A new experiment found crows and ravens have a sense of fairness, just like people and dogs.

Peo­ple, pri­mates and dogs all react neg­a­tive­ly when oth­ers get a bet­ter reward for doing the same work. Now a small study has found that crows an…

RT @PopSci: Add crows and ravens to the list of species that can’t stand injustice http://flip.it/srPqB http://flip.it/gBgq3

Bird brains? Crows remember your face

Bird brains? Crows remember your face
Scott K. Johnson, arstechnica.com

One of the most enjoy­able facets of study­ing other species is dis­cov­er­ing the amaz­ing things they’re capa­ble of. As humans, the things we tend to find most amaz­ing are the abil­i­ties that remind us the most of, well,…