2 thoughts on “FDA final rule on safety info, but still no word on social media

  1. You’re right — it’s unfortunate that we seem to be wedded to relatively obsolete technologies (obsolete, at least, within the contest of AE reporting.) Of course there are challenges involved, but I’m not sure that it’s the amount of data that will pose the biggest problems. AE reporting within this context tends to be vague and difficult to verify. Determining the quality of the data and distilling it into a readily usable format will pose significant, though not insuperable, challenges — and should attract the most serious developmental efforts.

  2. That’s a good point. Compared to most other industries where data mining has reached a level of sophistication, adverse event capture and analysis still appears to have a great deal of room for improvement. But when we think about the overall costs of our healthcare system, relative to outcomes, it appears to be an area that would be worthy of investment.

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